EGYFMA is established as a non-profit organization, in accordance with Law No. 149 of 2019, for the purpose of defining and advancing the industry of management, operation & maintenance of cities and facilities, in light of the state’s growing directions in the field of urban development and preservation. In support of these directions, the association’s role comes in the advancement of Facility Management Industry through many activities.


EGYFMA Objectives

EGYFMA is established to serve the Facility Management industry in Egypt through many activities not limited to:

  • Organizing training courses that builds generations capabilities of managing facilities with high efficiency in accordance with international standards.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops to raise awareness of the latest scientific methods in facility management.
  • Distributing periodic publications to raise awareness of practical skills in managing facilities services.
  • Processing standard specifications in the management of various services related to facilities management.
  • Providing administrative and technical support services to companies and individuals working in the field of facilities management or one of its services.
  • Assisting companies and individuals in obtaining certificates of quality or work efficiency in the areas of facility management