EGYFMA's Annual Facility Management Conference 2024

The Egyptian Facility Management Association (Egyfma) is pleased to announce its inaugural Annual Facility Management Conference, to be held at the Dusit Hotel in New Cairo on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

The conference theme, "The Role of Facility Management in Urban Development and Preservation," aligns with the Egyptian leadership's vision of the importance of conferences and their positive impact on various levels, particularly the political and economic spheres. It serves as a platform for transferring global expertise in effective facility and asset management practices amidst the current infrastructure boom in new cities and urban areas, both those already developed and those under development. This, in turn, contributes to maximizing investment returns.

Objectives of the Egyfma Annual Facility Management Conference:

The conference aims to shed light on topics that support economic growth and achieve sustainable development, including:

Enhancing Infrastructure Efficiency: Effective facility management contributes to improving the efficiency and resilience of infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, water networks, and sewage systems. Strong and reliable infrastructure fosters economic growth and attracts investments.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability: Focus on solutions and technologies that promote environmental sustainability, such as clean energy and waste management. This contributes to achieving sustainable development goals and protecting the environment.

Strengthening Economic Stability: With reliable infrastructure and dependable facility services, the investment climate improves and economic confidence increases. This encourages attracting more investments and achieving sustainable economic growth.

Enhancing Economic Competitiveness: By improving the quality of services and infrastructure, facility management conferences can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of a nation or region both nationally and globally.

Boosting Employment and Job Creation: Improving infrastructure and facility services creates new job opportunities in various sectors, contributing to employment growth and improving living standards.

Promoting Social Development: In addition to economic impacts, improving infrastructure and facility services can contribute to social development by providing essential opportunities and services to communities.

The Egyfma Annual Facility Management Conference promises to be a valuable gathering for industry professionals, academics, and policymakers to discuss, exchange ideas, and explore best practices in facility management for sustainable urban development.

Stay tuned for more information on registration and the conference program.